Your reservation might already include Beach Gear: If you are the guest of one the following rental companies you may have already received a special offer or credit for beach gear.

VayK Gear Programs & Details

A number of Property Management Companies have partnered with VayK Gear to have Beach Gear Included when guests rent from a participating property. This is a fantastic program that gives guests FREE BEACH GEAR CREDIT that is used to rent popular beach gear items (Click to see full list) like Bikes, Chairs & Umbrellas, Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Cornhole, Beach Wagons, Skim and Boogie Boards and more!

Check with your Rental Company before ordering and ask them about beach gear included.  Partner Property Management Companies are listed by beach here. The BEACH GEAR CREDIT is substantial enough to provide plenty of free gear to enjoy on your vacation. But your selections are not limited to the credit amount. Many guests add additional selections for their stay.

Unlike other beach gear included programs, where the guest is limited to what gear the property has, the VAYK GEAR program allows guests to select the exact mix of gear they want for their family or friends.

Guests staying at participating properties will be able to redeem their credit towards these items on a special web site. Gear will be delivered on the day you arrive and we’ll pick it up the day you leave. What could be easier?

For Beach Gear Included Programs, gear is rented and provided for the duration of your stay. If you would like to rent something for a day – or just a few days – you are welcome to augment your rental with gear from the General Rental ProgramDelivery is still included. Beach gear credit cannot be used with the General Rental Program.

Delivery is free for the majority of Beach Gear Included orders.

The best thing to do is check for an email from VayK Gear with a link and instructions for ordering gear.

If you’re not sure about any of this, simply reach out to VayK Gear Support – support@vaykgear.com, 888-577-7412 (9am to 5pm EST, 7 days a week) and we’ll walk you through it.

All of our partners advertise their properties as Beach Gear Included. It’s important to know, however, that not all properties with a rental company participate in Beach Gear Included (sometimes the location is not feasible). The best thing to do is ask the rental company before you order if the property you are interested in is a VayK Gear Beach Gear Included property.

Click here for participating Beach Gear Included Property Management Companies.

Areas Served & Gear

We currently offer gear in:

Florida: The Beaches of 30A & The Forgotten Coast (St George Island, Cape San Blas, Mexico Beach, Port St. Joe, Indian Pass).

North Carolina: The Outer Banks Beaches

South Carolina: S. Charleston & Grand Strand

Pawley’s Island, Garden City Beach, Murrells Inlet, Litchfield by the Sea, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, Kiawah Island and Folly Beach.

See participating Beach Included Property Management Companies.

Take a look at what we offer here.

We don’t rent trailers and baby carriers at this time. We may be able to provide a reference for you.

All Paddle Boards and Kayaks include paddles. Tandem Kayaks include two paddles. Life vests are rented separately.

We’re constantly adding gear to our list and suggestions are always welcome. Right now everything we offer is listed.

All About Ordering, Delivery & Pickup

There is nothing for you to schedule or do. We base delivery on your property rental arrival date, which we already know. We will have the gear delivered the day you arrive. Deliveries are made before 5pm on your arrival date.

The pickup date is based on your departure date for your property rental. All gear must be cleaned and left in the place you found it the night before your departure.

We do not support same day delivery.  Also, orders made after 5pm the day before arrival may not be delivered the next day.

We will send emails and text messages with arrival and departure instructions

Nope. We’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ll drop it off and pick it up with or without you present.

We offer Bikes, Beach Loungers, Beach Umbrellas, Kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards, Beach Carts, and more, to make your stay even better!

See Available Gear.

Yes, we do. No worries or lugging gear on the top of your car.

Why would you want to do that? We deliver everything!

No problem! You can make changes up to 24 hours after your arrival. Please note: Selection changes made up to 48 hours of arrival are free of charge. Selection changes made after 48 hours prior to arrival are subject to availability, a $25 Delivery charge, and delivery will be made on the next scheduled delivery day.

Yes! Just check the “Gear Damage Protection” Box during checkout and you can vacation worry-free!

No, but we keep a credit card on file for any damaged or lost gear.

Just leave the gear clean and where you found it the night before your designated pick up day. We’ll pick it up!

All orders placed by 5pm will be delivered the next day. If your order is placed after 5pm it will be delivered the following day.

First, check for an email from VayK Gear with a special link for using your credit. We’ll send reminder emails as you get closer to your arrival date if you have haven’t ordered.

Or you can click here to find your property management company. You will need your property reservation number that the management company sent you. Simply enter the reservation number and order away.  

if you’re not sure about any of this simply reach out to VayK Gear Support – support@vaykgear.com, 888-577-7412 (9am to 5pm EST, 7 days a week). We’ll be happy to help.

Yes! All guests can use the GENERAL RENTAL PROGRAM for daily or multi-day rentals. Simply go to vaykgear.com and place your order.

Please note:  If you are augmenting your BEACH GEAR INCLUDED order, you will have to go to the vaykgear.com website. This is a different site from your original order. Beach gear credit cannot be used for these orders, however, delivery will be free and you get to try different gear for a day or two.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to VayK Gear Support – support@vaykgear.com, 888-577-7412 (9am to 5pm EST, 7 days a week).

All guests can use the GENERAL RENTAL PROGRAM to place additional gear orders during their stay. Simply go to vaykgear.com and place your order.

Please note: If you are augmenting your BEACH GEAR INCLUDED order for which you used beach gear credit, you will have to go the vaykgear.com website. This is a different site from which you placed your original order.   

If you have additional questions please reach out to VayK Gear Support – support@vaykgear.com, 888-577-7412 (9am to 5pm EST, 7 days a week).

Services & Service Vouchers

Yes! Guests who are eligible for the VayK Gear Beach Gear Included Program can use part of their free Beach Gear Credit towards locally provided services. Guests can choose to apply part their credit towards a Service Voucher, which can be redeemed when reserving or booking the service. Service offerings are not available everywhere, but there will be more offerings at more beaches as service partners come on board The services provided for a beach are based on local relationships, local availability and local laws, and may differ from beach to beach.

Service Vouchers available may include:  Golf Cart Rentals, Fishing Trips, Eco Tours, Sailing Trips, Beach Bonfires, Boat Rentals, Chair Setup and more.

An Important Note About Services: VayK Gear has arranged for guests to get great discounts from reputable local service providers and guides in the form of a Service Voucher. The guest is responsible for  payment, terms & conditions, making reservations, etc. Purchasing the service is a separate transaction between the guest and the service provider.

We’ve partnered with local charters and service providers in selected areas so that BEACH GEAR INCLUDED guests have new options for using their credit. These “services”, if available, will be the first option you see on your selection page. You can bypass these if you’d like, but we encourage you to browse through them.

How it works:  Guests can use their credit towards a discount off a selected service and receive a service voucher that they can use for a large discount off the service. For example, Susie goes to order gear and sees that golf carts are available at her beach during her stay. She thinks this will be a big hit for family. She can use $100 of her free VayK Gear credit to get $100 off the weekly rental of a golf cart. She makes her selection for the $100 voucher and uses her remaining credit to order some bikes. After completing her order, she receives a voucher via email, along with instructions on how to redeem her voucher with the service provider and information on how to schedule her Golf Cart rental. The Golf Cart rental company receives a copy of the voucher and discounts Susie’s rental by $100 when she reserves her golf cart.

If you don’t see Services on your selection page it is simply because we have yet to secure partnerships with service providers in your beach area.

The Service Voucher is a unique number that is specific to your VayK Gear Order. The number will be provided on your confirmation email. The number, along with your name and vacation dates, are sent to the service provider.    

If you lose it or have questions, no problem. Just reach out to VayK Gear Support – support@vaykgear.com, 888-577-7412 (9am to 5pm EST, 7 days a week) and we’ll walk you through it.

We will send you contact information along with your voucher.

It is the guests responsibility to schedule the service. VayK Gear has arranged for you to get a great deal, but cannot book or reserve the service.

The waiver you signed with VayK Gear is for your Gear rental only. For services, VayK Gear has simply arranged for the guest to get a great discount off a local service using their free Beach Gear Credit. The payment, terms & conditions, reservations, etc. is a separate transaction between the guest and the service provider.

We recommend you contact the service provider as soon as you receive your voucher. Most service providers request that reservations be made within 48 hours of using them. Some services, like bonfires, require permits and planning and may need more time. Some services, like fishing charters, are available every day. The longer you wait, however, the more likely the days that are convenient to you may not be available.

It is up to the guest to ensure that they use the voucher. We cannot refund for unused vouchers.

You can, however, modify your order up to 24 hours after your arrival and select something else instead of a service voucher.

Please remember, if you choose to cancel your voucher during the allowed time frame you must  also cancel your reservation with the service provider. Any transaction made directly with the service provider is the responsibility of the guest. VayK Gear is only providing a redeemable voucher and does not schedule, reserve, modify, or cancel the order with the service provider.

Participating Rental Companies

30A, FL

Outer Banks, NC

Forgotten Coast, FL

Grand Strand, SC

South Charleston, SC