Kids Bikes

Days 1-34567
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DELIVERY/PICKUP TO: Houses Condos Villas

Details: Pick-Up date can be no later than your rental check out date. No rental charges for Drop-Off/Pickup day. Orders made after 2PM EST. may not be delivered the next day.

No same-day deliveries

20" single speed cruiser bike for kids ages 7-10, height 3' 8" to 4' 8".

Video games take a back seat to fresh air and exercise this vacation! The kids will have a blast on this 20" single speed beach cruiser bike! Includes "coaster brakes", so you must peddle backwards to brake.

Perfect for kids ages 7-10, optimum height range 3' 8" to 4' 8".

We do not offer training wheels or smaller bikes.

Like to ride after the sun goes down? Don't forget to bring a bike light. State law requires the use of a bike light when riding at night.

VayK Gear does not rent bike lights.