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ZERO Cost to You!

This program can be provided to guests at ZERO cost to you! The cost for this service can be included in your advertised rental rate, so there is NO COST to you.

Enjoy Free Gear Yourself When You Stay at Your Home!

As an added benefit, VayK Gear will provide YOU with $250 of COMPLIMENTARY Beach Gear when you stay at your home in 2023.

85% of Guests Say They are Much More Likely to Rent Your Property Again With Beach Gear Included!

VayK Gear awards credit to your guests so they can select the exact beach gear they want when they stay in your property. Your guests will enjoy bikes, kayaks, beach loungers, umbrellas, paddleboards and more.

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Please contact Jennifer Moore at
252-564-4308 | jennifer@rox360.com

What Other Homeowners Say:

The beach gear program really enhanced our guests experience this year, and I’m convinced it helps fill my calendar. Great program!

Your Guests Will Love the Value and Convenience of Beach Gear:

The beach gear was wonderful. It was waiting for us at our rental house when we arrived. Very convenient not having to pack in the vehicle back and forth.”

This program was great and we thoroughly enjoyed being able to use items that we normally wouldn’t rent or bring with us on vacation.”

The grandkids were thrilled with the beach cart and mastered the paddle board. We would certainly order those again. Thanks for another great vacation.”